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Wilderness Works, the organization featured in That's Wild, provides year-round educational, enrichment and outdoor recreation experiences for economically disadvantaged and homeless children living in greater Atlanta. In the documentary, the boys’ experiences reflect the mission of the organization that impacts the entire community by forging partnerships and bringing everyone together in service of children—an encouraging model for any locality.





Wilderness Works appearances in That's Wild:


Clifford Chalmers, Nicholas Burton, Ahmani Armstrong, William “Bill” Mickler, Ebonie Martin, Sean Smith,  Nohea Crane, Yusef Shabazz, Victor High, DeAngelo “Ali” Burton, Dylan Moore, Donovan Stanley, Quan Contreras, Brandon Quintero, Lucas Duncan, Oliver “Tad” Porter, Nyla Armstrong, Stacy Gilbert, Cassandra Gilbert, Anthonese Chalmers, Matthew Chalmers, Maliyah Chalmers, Madison Chalmers, 

many more Wilderness Works families & supporters!


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